Let’s chat and together we’ll design an individual strategic plan
for the next steps you need to take to up-level your studio.

These steps are clear and easy to implement (as I’ll so the thinking for you).

During the session, we will cover:


Where you are right now
in your business and life  


Where you want to go  


The immediate next steps
you will need to take 

After the call, I will email you the plan and any resources that may be helpful! 


Hi, I'm Jen. Having successfully owned and operated multiple dance studios for over 25 years - with over 1,000 students and managing teams of over 30 teachers and staff members at one time - I know the importance of strategy, planning and being committed to continual learning.

Through the programs, I give studio owners and dance teachers the tools and training they need to turn their passion for dance into a successful career. The programs are designed to be easy to understand and, most importantly, implement. Most dance teachers and dance studio owners undertake training in between running their classes each week. With this in mind, the training programs allow you to work at your own pace and pause for moments, try out some of the techniques … and then get back to class.

It is my intention to create a worldwide community of like-minded dance teachers and educators who - together - will support, encourage and lead with the intention to fully equip our next generation of students for excellence.



  • 40-min Clarity & Strategy Call
  • Individual Strategic Plan for your next steps

What My Clients Say...

Thank you for showing me how dedicated, inspired & enthusiastic
you are to help make positive change in the dance world
- especially for teachers.

Kim, Western Australia

I can’t thank you enough Jen, being a new teacher and
really wanting to share my passion with others, you covered
all the essentials for me to confidently walk in to a class room
and give my absolute best to my students.

Louise, New South Wales